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Starr Partners

Real Estate, Sydney NSW



At Starr Partners, we take social responsibility very seriously and have always believed in giving back to our local community. Although heartfelt and generous, our philanthropic endeavours have always been somewhat splintered and sporadic.

We decided to channel our efforts into a singular charitable initiative; one that is aligned to what we do. We very quickly realised though, the size, scale and complexity of such an undertaking and recognised the need to partner with someone who could help turn our idea into a reality - which is why we decided to approach the team at Pro Purpose. They have expertly navigated us through the process and have helped empower us with our customised charitable initiative."


Our Purpose Pledge helps provide safe housing for Australian family homelessness


Our impact and counting

Safe Housing



Nights Safe Housing for Australian Families Experiencing Homelessness

We love being able to make a difference


Starr Partners is in proud partnership with Pro Purpose as a Profit for Purpose business.

We help provide three to nine months of safe housing for Australian families experiencing homelessness, along with comprehensive support and life skills training. By equipping those in need with knowledge, tools, dignity and support, we are helping break the cycle of homelessness and build a bright future full of hope.

We are Pro Purpose

Together we are transforming lives.

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