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Fantastic Aussie Tours

Tourism, Sydney NSW

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We are very proud to embed One Bus One Child to our business - as it reflects the three core values our company lives by - family, service and enduring. 

Child sponsorship enables us to be of service and expand our family to include children in need, thereby creating an enduring and positive legacy in the world. We look forward to assisting other transport and tourism companies to join this important movement."



Fantastic Aussie Tours as featured on
Channel 9's Helping Hands

Pro Purpose Partners are regularly featured on Channel 9's Helping Hands TV series. Watch Fantastic Aussie Tour's story now!


Our One Bus One Child Purpose Pledge sponsors children in Africa


Our impact and counting




Children Sponsored

We love being able to make a difference


Fantastic Aussie Tours  is in proud partnership with Pro Purpose as a Profit for Purpose business.

Sponsoring a child is proven to be one of the greatest drivers of change. We help with basic needs like clean water, health care, education and farming to transform the whole community and create lasting  generational change.

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Interested in sponsoring a child?

You are welcome to join us in sponsoring a child within our community. In partnership with Pro Purpose and World Vision, click the button below to choose your child. 

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