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Join Pro Purpose
Join Pro Purpose

A Profit for Purpose Partnership

Where profit and purpose prosper together

At Pro Purpose, we know that many business owners have the heart and passion to make a difference through their business but just don't know where to start.

That’s where we come in...

Say hello to giving with purpose
made simple for business

Here's how we help 


At Pro Purpose, we've spent the last 10 years doing all the hard work to set up a nonprofit organisation.

Creating a proven model that works for businesses like yours

Making it simple to connect your business generosity to charitable impact

With a custom-built giving strategy that is meaningful for your business

We did all the hard work so that you don’t have to!


Let's get started

 Partnership Perks 


 When you partner with Pro Purpose, everyone benefits - in ways that might surprise you! We are passionate about intentional generosity connected to tangible impact in a way that's a win-win for all.


Click the + symbol below to find out how

Create real change

  Empower disadvantaged communities

 Catalyse generational change

 Tangibly transform lives

  Experience a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment for you and your team

Engage your customers

 Regular impact statistics to share with your community

 Templates to communicate your impact online and offline

 Display your credibility as a Pro Purpose brand across signage, promotional material and staff uniforms

Inspire your team

 Enhance company culture

 Attract and retain superior talent

 Increase mood, motivation and morale

 Unite around a higher purpose

Boost your business

 Increase brand preference

 Strengthen brand loyalty

 Differentiate yourself from competition

 Donation tax benefits

 Connect with other Pro Purpose Partners

Amplify your presence

 Elevate profile within your local community

 Be seen as a leader in your industry

 Your business profile on the Pro Purpose website

 Increase interest and communicate credibility with your Pro Purpose Partner logo

 Promotion across Pro Purpose social platforms

Connect with a community

 Field trip opportunities to visit your impact first-hand

 Access to charity partner events to get up close and personal with the impact

 Annual Pro Purpose conference

 Be part of a business community driven by purpose

 The Pro Purpose team as your mentor and guide for outworking generosity in your business

The numbers stack up

Still wondering...
"Should I use my business for purpose?"

Consider these compelling stats:



Purpose driven companies grow 3x faster than their competitors



Of businesses with a clear purpose, 73% say it helps steer through marketplace turmoil


Price premium

2 in 3 consumers will pay more for products & services from brands that make a positive social impact



Customers are 4-6x more likely to champion companies that have a purpose beyond making profit



78% of consumers would tell others to buy from a purpose driven company



High-performing teams have a clarity of purpose


Talent attraction

'Deeper purpose' is the second-most important factor for Millennials & Gen Z when considering a new job



64% of respondents say a company’s primary purpose should include 'making the world better'


Profit & purpose

74% of consumers believe companies can boost profits and improve economic and social conditions 


Competitive edge

Purposeful companies financially outperform the market by 42%


Work satisfaction

9 out of 10 employees would trade a percentage of their earnings for greater meaning at work


Ready to connect your profit to purpose?

Take the first step towards connecting your business to charitable impact.

Let's get started