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How the restoration of water wells brought restoration to this founder

 A look inside a Pro Purpose Partnership 



Meet JetBlack Cycling:

A family-owned Australian company known for its commitment to family, fun, and fitness, JetBlack is a global brand in the cycling world. Founded by Tony Simmonds and driven by a deep love for cycling, JetBlack has grown to be a thriving business by designing and manufacturing innovative and affordable cycling products. The company's mission, "Accessible Performance," reflects its dedication to enhancing the cycling experience for riders worldwide.

As a company, they were riding high. However, JetBlack's mission took on a far greater personal meaning when it encountered Pro Purpose. This case study explores how this partnership with purpose deeply connected with Tony Simmonds' personal journey and transformed both his company, and his life.

A Profoundly Personal Journey:

JetBlack's co-founder and Managing Director, Tony Simmonds, has always been passionate about cycling. He recalls his early days of cycling as a child, riding BMX bikes around the suburbs and discovering the joys of mountain biking in the 1990s. His love for cycling has been a constant throughout his life, offering him solace and strength during challenging times. In 2016, Tony faced a harrowing period in his life when his daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia, at the same time he was navigating the separation in his marriage. During this dark season, cycling became his refuge, helping him maintain his physical and mental strength. Tony says, "Cycling throughout the seasons of my life has played a huge part in my own well-being. It helped me stay physically and mentally strong during a very tough period."

Connection Passion to Purpose:

In 2016, while Tony was navigating the darkest season of his life, JetBlack made a return to its roots. The company wanted to be more than just a cycling equipment provider; it wanted to make a positive impact on the world. Tony explained, "When we started the business, we always wanted the business to be greater than just itself." This desire led to JetBlack connecting with Pro Purpose and the development of their Purpose Pledge, a commitment to support the building and restoration of water wells in Uganda.

Partnering with Pro Purpose:

JetBlack's partnership with Pro Purpose, a nonprofit revolutionising the business giving space, was a natural fit. Tony's emotional journey during the exceptionally challenging season of his life made him deeply value the concept of restoration. When it comes to the connection between restoration personally and professionally, Tony shares, "I spoke about the time in 2016 where I went through the winter of my life…[in time] my daughter’s health was restored, and a lot of the struggles of that year that I went through, I’m now in a place of restoration." 

Partnering with Pro Purpose enabled JetBlack to connect the desire to make a positive difference into tangible action. By supporting the building and restoration of water wells in Uganda, JetBlack has experienced the multidimensional benefits a partnership with purpose offers - enhanced meaning and connection as a business owner, transformation within business focus and success, and contribution to the well-being of communities in need. 

The Impact of Partnership:

JetBlack's Purpose Pledge to support water well restoration has had a profoundly holistic impact. By providing means for maintenance and restoration, they've restored access to clean water for communities in Northern Uganda. This endeavour aligns seamlessly with Tony's personal journey of restoration and his love for the concept. He stated, "What we’re able to do is to provide the means for maintenance and the restoration of wells, and that then restores water to those communities which resonates with me - I love restoration."

A world where profit and purpose prosper together

Through their generous Purpose Pledge, JetBlack Cycling provides the restoration of water wells in Northern Uganda.

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Water wells

In his words: Co-Founder & Managing Director Tony summarises his partnership with Pro Purpose

"We’re able to do is to provide the means for maintenance and the restoration of wells, and that then restores water to those communities which resonates with me - I love restoration."

- Tony Simmonds



JetBlack Cycling's partnership with Pro Purpose to support the restoration of water wells in Northern Uganda has not only aligned with the company's mission and purpose but has also deeply resonated with its co-founder, Tony Simmonds. Through this partnership, JetBlack has extended its commitment to accessible performance to include accessible purpose, transforming both its business and the lives of those in need. The restoration of water wells has become a powerful symbol of hope and renewal, mirroring the personal journey of Tony and JetBlack Cycling's dedication to making the world a better place, one ride at a time.

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