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Trackable and tangible impact making business workshops more meaningful

 A look inside a Pro Purpose Partnership 



Meet Leadership Counts:

Leadership Counts is a small, dynamic and well-established business based in the heart of Sydney that offers internationally recognised leadership development and business coaching. Founded by Roger and Lynne Vertannes, their mission is to transform the lives of business owners through better leadership. With a background in business brokerage and a strong desire to create positive change, they sought a way to make a meaningful impact on their community while empowering entrepreneurs to run healthy and profitable businesses.


The Drive to Make a Difference:

Roger and Lynne's journey began with a desire to create a more profound sense of purpose within their business. Roger recalled, "Everything is about better leadership, and the rest of that is an outcome. And that's why we're here with Pro Purpose too. We want to vocalise living better lives through better leadership." They realised that philanthropy was an essential part of their vision, but they needed a structured way to give back. 


Partnering with Pro Purpose:

The decision to partner with Pro Purpose was driven by the organisation's alignment with Roger and Lynne's mission. Introduced by a mutual connection, Pro Purpose provided a vehicle for their generosity aspirations. Roger noted, "Alana and the Pro Purpose team had already done all the work and had the vision and passion. So we were confident. We didn't even know what we wanted, why we wanted it, or how it looked. But Pro Purpose made it very easy and seamless to do."


Connecting Purpose to Meaningful Giving:

Before partnering with Pro Purpose, Roger and Lynne had engaged in personal and sporadic giving, sponsoring causes that resonated with them. However, they sought a more structured and meaningful approach. Roger explained, "It was about bringing something alive so that it didn't feel ad-hoc, we just didn't know how. The simplicity of what Pro Purpose does was the missing link." 

In their Deep Dive Session with Pro Purpose, Roger and Lynne uncovered that Australian families experiencing homelessness was an issue that deeply resonated with Lynne. "My Dad was a builder. I always felt secure in a house and never thought I would not have that security. Everyone should have the safety and security of a home".

This reality was emphasised during the COVID-19 pandemic when Roger and Lynne faced a critical challenge. Lynne recounted, "We had to figure out how we were going to maintain our business during Covid." The experience reinforced the importance of their purpose, as they realised that anyone could be at risk of homelessness during tough times. Now deeply connected to a purpose that was previously hidden, providing nights of safe housing for Australian families in need became their cause.


Living as a Pro Purpose business:

For Roger and Lynne, being a Pro Purpose business means purpose, impact and community. Roger shares "We want to make an impact that is measurable and tangible. In the past we didn't have a vehicle to track our impact." Now equipped with the ability to track their impact through their Purpose Pledge, Leadership Counts are able to share their success and impact more lives. Roger explains "Every business does have a strategy; it means if we're winning, we want to share that winning with other people. We can make strategic decisions based on numbers." This commitment to making measurable impact drives their business decisions and has resulted in an increased motivation within their business."


Impact on Clients:

While it's early in their journey as a Pro Purpose business, Roger and Lynne believe their clients will be inspired by their pledge and resonate with their commitment to meaningful impact. Roger noted, "They would think that's a good thing to be doing and get them thinking about doing something themselves." By making the impact tangible and measurable, they aim to inspire many others.


Key Moment of Solidification:

Roger and Lynne described their key moment as the realisation that their purpose wasn't just a side project; it was integral to their business. Roger explained, "To think that we've provided 109 nights of safe housing in just three months, and this is just the start. Well, that says it all. It makes us feel amazing!" Seeing the immediate impact of their efforts solidified their commitment to being a Pro Purpose business.


Future Plans and Gratitude:

Looking ahead, Roger and Lynne plan to continue growing their business with purpose at its core. They believe that being part of Pro Purpose has been instrumental in their journey. Roger expressed his gratitude, saying, "We want to acknowledge and honour [founders] Alana and Josh and thank them for getting us involved." Roger and Lynne look forward to making a difference together as a community of Pro Purpose businesses and having fun while doing so.

A world where profit and purpose prosper together

Through their generous Purpose Pledge, Leadership Counts supports Australian families experiencing homelessness.

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Nights of safe housing for Australian families experiencing homelessness

In their words: Directors Roger and Lynne summarise their partnership with Pro Purpose

“We can feel our impact. In the past we didn’t know how to measure that tangibly. Now that we know we’ve provided 109 nights of safe housing in just three months, it makes us feel amazing!

- Roger and Lynne Vertannes



Leadership Counts' partnership with Pro Purpose has transformed their business from a traditional profit-driven venture into a purpose-led enterprise with a profound impact on their clients, and community. Roger and Lynne's dedication to making a measurable difference serves as an inspiring example of how businesses can integrate purpose into their strategy, creating a better world while achieving business success.

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