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Taking family culture to the next level through a partnership with purpose

 A look inside a Pro Purpose Partnership 

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Meet Limcora:

Limcora is a well-established, medium-sized plumbing business in NSW and TAS. With a rich heritage, Limcora first opened its doors in 1977 as a small family plumbing business run by twin brothers Howard and Anthony Graham. Now, over 40 years since its inception, Limcora has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the most reputable names in the industry and the first choice for plumbing and drainage needs for businesses and individuals across Sydney and Tasmania. Limcora is now owned and run by Evan Graham and Alex Nelson, who have dedicated themselves to making the company what it is today.

Now a thriving plumbing business with 65 staff members, Limcora stands out as an exemplary pro purpose business that understands the significance of giving back. But it wasn’t always this way. In this case study, we delve into Limcora's inspiring partnership with Pro Purpose and its profound impact on the business, its employees, clients, and the community at large.


The Journey Begins with Purpose:

Limcora's engagement with Pro Purpose began as an experiment, a way to test the waters and integrate a sense of purpose into their established family culture. Evan Graham, Managing Director of Limcora, recalls this early stage, saying, "It connected with us and something we want to continue doing and wanting to support. Seeing how it all comes together for the greater common good – collective impact."


A commitment to purpose made simple:

Prior to partnering with Pro Purpose, Limcora's approach to giving and impact commitment was ad hoc. Evan reflects on this, saying, "We were random in our giving. Being busy with work made it hard to commit to regular giving and a strategy for generosity, but Pro Purpose made it so easy." A partnership with Pro Purpose allowed Limcora  to channel their efforts more strategically, contributing collectively to make a greater impact.


One Truck One Child - A Personal Connection:

Evan Graham's personal journey as a young entrepreneur without a clear purpose in business resonates deeply with Limcora's custom-built "One Truck One Child" pledge. Evan shares, "I started very young in business. I went into running a plumbing business in my early twenties with 6 staff. I didn't have a purpose aside from wanting to have a big plumbing business. I’ve had 17-18 years in business and feel like I’ve done it back to front. I’ve done all the grinding first and then gone back to the start to embed purpose in. The purpose thing has only just clicked."

Limcora's core mission is to create highly trained and skilled tradesmen who are industry leaders. The "One Truck One Child" Purpose Pledge resonates strongly with their commitment to sponsoring children in need. Evan shares "we’re supporting kids. Our ‘kids’ are supporting kids in need and helping them helping them grow into responsible, healthy individuals." Today, Limcora employs 65 staff. Growing and developing highly trained and skilled tradesmen aligns strongly with the vision of supporting children in need.


Embedding Purpose into Limcora's Culture:

For Limcora, being a Pro Purpose business means aligning their business culture with the values of Pro Purpose. Evan notes, "We really strive on family culture at Limcora. So that resonates – from our family, we can support many other families through One Truck One Child." This alignment has helped Limcora's staff feel part of something greater, strengthening their sense of purpose and commitment to the cause. Not wanting other young tradesmen to go through their journey disconnected from purpose, Evan now recognises the importance of having purpose front and centre from the very beginning. He says, “It's about a bigger conversation around purpose. Beyond just turning up for work and then going out on the weekends with friends. [Moreso], thinking about purpose and using money as a tool. It helps to elevate thinking about purpose as a bigger conversation.”


Impact on Staff and Clients:

Limcora's commitment to purpose has had a profound effect on both staff and clients. Evan highlights how new employees are introduced to the concept during their induction, leading to a profound moment when they connect the dots between their work and its impact. "It's a box ticked for them. And they're like they're in," he says. This focus on purpose extends to clients as well, with positive feedback and admiration from other business owners.


A Tearful Moment of Validation:

Evan fondly recalls a moment that solidified their status as a Pro Purpose business. He describes it as the "tear moment," where their impact was made tangible through the reactions of those they've helped. A mature-aged employee, who has worked in many different settings, both non-profit and corporate and only been with Limcora for the last 12 months, was deeply impacted that we have purpose at the core of our business and the incredible impact we’ve been able to create so far. "She was moved to tears" Evan recalls.


Future Growth and Expansion:

Limcora envisions a future filled with growth and expansion opportunities, including satellite businesses in territories like Tasmania, Newcastle, and the South Coast. Evan believes the solid business model they've developed can be replicated in these locations, allowing them to have an even greater purpose impact


A world where profit and purpose prosper together

Through their generous Purpose Pledge, Limcora sponsors children in Uganda.

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Children sponsored


Limcora as featured on
Channel 9's Helping Hands

Pro Purpose Partners are regularly featured on Channel 9's Helping Hands TV series. Watch Limcora's story now!


In his words: Managing Director Evan summarises his partnership with Pro Purpose

"Partnering with Pro Purpose is a no brainer! Every staff member is on board and feels like they’re part of something greater than themselves and making an impact."

- Evan Graham



Limcora's partnership with Pro Purpose has not only brought a renewed sense of purpose to their business but has also positively impacted their staff and clients. As they continue to grow and expand, Limcora remains committed to their Pro Purpose journey, aligning with their values and strengthening their sense of purpose for years to come. Their story is a testament to the power of purpose-driven business in creating a lasting impact on both the organisation, the community it serves and the world around them.

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