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First Nations Domestic Violence Workshops

Offering hope, healing and a healthy future for First Nations women

The journey to healing

This project provides a practical 'healing journey' for First Nations women, helping them to heal and break the cycle of domestic violence in a culturally sensitive manner. 

The need

In Australia, the devastating effects of domestic violence in the First Nations community is widespread. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are 35 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence than other Australian women. These women are twice as likely to die as an outcome of family violence and 5 times more likely to be victims of homicide. More than 55% of these homicides are related to family violence.

With many agencies delivering response services, which are reactive to domestic violence, Pro Purpose focuses on ‘healing journey’ workshops with women who have experienced domestic violence and equipping them with knowledge and tools to prevent future reoccurrences and therefore breaking the cycle.

First Nations Domestic

The facts

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First Nations women are 32 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence than non-Indigenous women

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Indigenous women are 10 times more likely to be victims of homicide, often linked to domestic violence

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Many cases of domestic violence go unreported as concerns about community perceptions or traditional customs discourage reporting

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DV rates are high in remote and isolated Indigenous communities where access to support is limited

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Alcohol and substance abuse are often contributing factors, in some cases it plays a role in nearly 90% of incidents
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First Nations women face unique legal challenges when dealing with DV connected to cultural sensitivity and jurisdiction

The objective

In a culturally sensitive manner, the objective of the ‘healing journeys’ is to educate, equip and empower First Nations women to prevent the generational cycle of violence. Educating women about the different forms of abuse and the cycle of violence. Education is a vital key to preventing cycles of violence for future generations. Equipping women with new coping mechanisms and tools to be able to heal from trauma. Empowering women to come into a deep revelation of self-worth and self-love. Having a strong sense of belonging and identity to be able to live out their dreams and destinies.

 Your Pledge: Healing that transforms generations  

By creating a safe space for women to heal and learn, each participant is encouraged to go back to their home and communities (if it is safe to do so) and speak openly with their children about violence and help themselves and their children start to identify the signs and behaviours of violence. This will in turn help to break the shame, stigma and normalisation of violence in Indigenous communities. This will contribute to a reduction in tolerance and incidents of family violence and therefore create healthy and strong families and communities.

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Project Partner

To support breaking the cycle of domestic violence, we choose to partner with Strong Women Talking. A First Nations organisation, Strong Women Talking exists to educate, equip and empower families to see their communities living free from the cycle of family and domestic violence. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aunties and Elders provide wisdom, guidance and support. Strong connections to Culture, Country and Community grounds their work creating safe, culturally appropriate spaces for women to heal, learn and grow.

To find out more about Strong Women Talking and the incredible work they do, click here.


strong women talking


Our impact and counting

Together as a Pro Purpose community we’ve helped provide

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Days for First Nations Women Domestic Violence programs

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