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Helping provide a pathway out of poverty through education

Providing life-changing education

This project is dedicated to supporting children in the remote Mpigi district of Uganda, ensuring access to an education, quality teachers and resources, and a pathway out of poverty.

The need

In Uganda only 27% of school-age children are enrolled in school.

Instead of starting their first day of school, most young children in Uganda would be heading to work – most likely in fields, herding animals or digging for food. You can change the future of hundreds of children living in poverty by ensuring they are enrolled and attending a quality, local school in their remote village.

Without an investment in education, and no funding for schools and teachers – many children will be left behind and may never see the inside of a classroom.


The facts


Only 27% of school-age children in Mpigi district are enrolled in primary school

classroom (1)

The student teacher ratio is a high 52:1 in rural areas


Drop out rate is 60-80% especially amongst girls


Textbooks and teaching material is rare and inadequate


Children often stay at home and help with income producing chores


Poor academic performance because of a lack of support at home

The objective

This project tackles the education crisis on two fronts:

  • Providing schools and education for children in remote Uganda
  • Supporting teachers with resources, training and accommodation

By providing children in Uganda with the opportunity to receive a quality education, this project offers an empowered future - securing better jobs, earning sustainable incomes and breaking free from the poverty cycle.

 Your Purpose Pledge: Education that transforms lives 

With your Purpose Pledge, children will be sent to school with 3 meals a day, clean water and resources and teacher support.


Impact in Action

In partnership with School for Life, our education project is creating lasting generational change. See how together we are planting seeds of opportunity and potential for future generations.


Project Partner

To support life-changing education in Uganda, we choose to partner with School For Life. Founded in 2008 by influential young Australians Annabelle Chauncy (OAM) and David Everett (OAM) after they were moved by the abject poverty they saw in rural Uganda. School For Life now educates 1,700 students across three campuses, two primary and one high school providing all staff and students with three nutritious meals a day, healthcare and access to clean and safe water.

To find out more about School For Life and the incredible work they do, click here.


School for life Logo-01


Our impact and counting

Together as a Pro Purpose community we’ve helped provide

Impact Project Icons_Education



Days education for children in Uganda

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