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First Nations Youth

Empowering First Nations youth to reach their full potential

First Nations Youth Development & Leadership

This project helps First Nations youth reach their full potential through cultural life and leadership skills, and a community development focus.

The need

Disadvantage and vulnerability are preventing many Australian First Nations children and youth from reaching their full potential. Implemented in schools for First Nations children and youth aged 10-20, participants have opportunities to build stronger connections to their culture and grow leadership and life skills so they can become the next generation of change makers.

In urban areas, First Nations youth are overrepresented in indicators pointing to high levels of vulnerability and disconnection. More than one third do not finish Year 12 and they make up more than half of all young people in youth detention. Without a strong understanding and connection to their identity, they enter adulthood ill equipped and often find themselves in negative generational cycles.

First Nations Youth

The facts

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Maintaining cultural connections and identity is especially important for Indigenous youth

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First Nations Youth account for half of all youth in detention

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More than a third of First Nations Youth do not finish year 12

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School attendance rate is dramatically lower than non-indigenous Australians

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Mental health concerns in First Nations Youth are especially prevalent
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Suicide rates among Indigenous youth are higher than among their non-Indigenous counterparts

The objective

Give First Nations young people access to culturally strong education and connection that empowers them to reshape their future and pave the way towards real and lasting change. The program supports the shift away from service delivery in First Nations communities towards a focus on community development.

 Your Pledge: Empowering the next generation 

With your help, each participant experiences a strengthening in their connection to culture and improves their confidence and life skills. The complementary camp provides on-country cultural learning and experiences. These outcomes empower First Nations youth to contribute to their own development and that of their communities.


Impact in Action

In partnership with World Vision, our First Nations youth project is creating lasting generational change. See stories of impact  amongst the First Nations youth in Australia.


Project Partner

To support First Nations Youth to reach their potential, we choose to partner with World Vision Australia. World Vision is committed to go where the need is greatest to help the most vulnerable children around the world. They’re dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Bringing hope and opportunity to vulnerable children and communities, World Vision helps create sustainable change that can last for generations.

To find out more about World Vision and the incredible work they do, click here.

world vision


Our impact and counting

Together as a Pro Purpose community we’ve helped provide

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Days for First Nations Youth cultural leadership programs

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