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Start Up Loans

Empowering families in Asia to open their business and break the poverty cycle

Funding Start Up Loans

This project provides small start up loans for disadvantaged families in Asia. Proven to be a powerful tool for families to break the cycle of poverty, start up loans help transform recipients lives, their children’s futures and entire communities.

The need

Of Indonesia’s 270 million people, 80 million live below or hover just above the poverty line. Nearly 90% of people in rural areas of India experience multidimensional poverty. 

Without a financial safety net, it can be impossible to get ahead, but a small loan to start a small business can be just the head start someone needs.

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The facts

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9.2% of the population are living below the poverty line in Indonesia

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Only 28% of women in India participate in the paid labour force compared to 76% for men

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Poverty in children is a significant concern with around 11.8% of children in Indonesia living in poverty

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Poverty affects access to education with 18.9% of children from the poorest Indonesia region not attending school

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16.8% of Indonesians from the poorest region do not have access to healthcare

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Cost of living increases are felt most by families living in poverty in India, who already spend two thirds of their income on food

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Nearly 90% of people in rural India experience multidimensional poverty. 

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Many families in Indonesia engage in informal employment sectors which offer less job security and social protection

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Around 8.5% of the population in Indonesia experience moderate or severe food insecurity

The objective

Our objective in line with our philosophy to “give a hand up” not “a hand-out”, is to equip motivated individuals with a small loan to enable them to open a new business. This provides them with an effective and sustainable way of helping them leave poverty behind. The Start Up loan will empower families to grow their incomes, save money and achieve financial stability.

 Your Pledge: Paying it forward to other startups 

With your Purpose Pledge, other startups will have the opportunity to start their own business. Your investment is giving these people dignity and purpose. With an income and with confidence, they can reach their potential and create opportunities for the whole family.

Prabha - Microfinance - India (Pahal, 2022)

Impact in Action

In partnership with Opportunity International, our start up loans project is creating lasting generational change. watch Lydia's story to see how just 1 loan transforms a family. 


Project Partner

To support families in Asia open their own businesses, we choose to partner with Opportunity International Australia. Their vision is for a world where everyone can achieve a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose. Our donations to Opportunity International are also amplified through their partnership with the Australian NGO Cooperation Program. Their efforts are combined with funding from the Australian government to reach more people.

To find out more about Opportunity International and the incredible work they do, click here.

Oppurtunity International Australia


Our impact and counting

Together as a Pro Purpose community we’ve helped provide

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Start Up Loans for Families in Asia to open their own Business

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