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Joris Cuesta Consulting Pty Ltd

Business Services, Georgetown NSW

Our company's ethics transcends mere profits; it's about a commitment to give back. We view our business as a vehicle for creating lasting change beyond financial gains, driven by a deep sense of purpose and gratitude. Grateful for Australia's gifts, giving back is our way of expressing gratitude on multiple levels. Our work with SMEs, leaders, and corporations is rooted in being an ally in shaping a brighter future, going beyond conventional business pursuits.

Supporting projects that empower teenagers and contribute to a brighter future is deeply personal and a passion for me. Having experienced first hand the transformative impact of mentorship, I understand the profound importance of providing guidance and opportunities for growth during critical developmental phases. It's about reconnecting with identity, fostering stability, and nurturing future leaders who can fulfil their potential and positively impact their communities. This commitment aligns with our mission to catalyse lasting positive change in the world."


Our Purpose Pledge helps provide cultural leadership programs for First Nations youth


Our impact and counting

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Days of Cultural Leadership Development Programs

We love being able to make a difference


Joris Cuesta Consulting is in proud partnership with Pro Purpose as a Profit for Purpose business.

We help provide First Nations Youth Programs - supporting indigenous youth to reach their full potential through stronger connections to culture, and growing leadership and life skills.


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