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Oak & Orange

Building & Trades, Sydney NSW

We are passionate about using our resources to make a difference in the lives of women who do not have the same opportunities we do, and we want to inspire other Aussie women do to the same.

We want to help provide practical change for women and their families through the repair of water wells, providing safe access to clean drinking water for their families, something we often take for granted ourselves."


Our Purpose Pledge helps provide clean water in Uganda


Our impact and counting

Impact Project Icons_Water Wells



Water Wells Repaired

Impact Project Icons_Water People



Families Provided Clean Water

We love being able to make a difference


Oak & Orange is in proud partnership with Pro Purpose as a Profit for Purpose business.

We help provide clean water by repairing broken water wells. This provides clean water for drinking, hygiene and pathways out of poverty for communities in Uganda.


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Together we are transforming lives.

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